Fulfilling yourself with us

Do you want to fulfill yourself through the various stages of your life (studies, job, family, retirement, crisis)? Does developing your potential and leading a project mean a lot to you? Or simply to feel good? At work, do you want to favor the well-being of your teams and rise to important challenges? Give to your partners all the keys so that they can put a lot into their missions, into a positive and constructive state of mind? The ludocoaching is there to help you.

Ludocoaching is a methodology of supporting change by the game for organizations, groups and individuals. The principles of autonomy and mutual aid in the ludocoaching are essential:
" Being a ludocoach is to become your own coach through the games and to help others to become too".

The benefits of the playful approach

The ludocoaching game is a powerful tool of transformation to come through virtuality (the theory, the ideas, the concepts, the projects, etc.) to reality (the practice, the action, the realization, etc.).

It develops valuable social skills that become essential to adapt to current changes, inviting each one to find within the keys of renewed confidence and applied creativity.
If we retain 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear and 30% of what we see, we generally retain 90% of what we experience And the game is a huge field of experiences.

What we can make with you

Whether you are interested in ludocoaching for private or professional plan,we offer you various trainings and interventions "la carte" and put our games, skills of the games creators, trainers and ludocoach at the service of your fulfillment and of your challenges. To discover it, click here.