Our games

Marc Kucharz, author of games, adapted in the games form several psychology and personal fulfillment best-sellers.

" The left brain is theory (book) and the right brain, practice (game) ". So, to combine both, games are always accompanied by the reference book (collection Game-Book of the Well-being).

Designed as real "matrices", these games are "opened". It means they propose a mechanism adaptable to the situation of any player. Every game gets its own secrets and appropriate purpose. Some are meant to express, innovate, improve relationships, master manage feelings, be part of a dynamic project...

These games are used and adapted according to the audience and its needs in within the framework of our trainings,animations, ludoconferences and vocational trainings.

Games for...

Express yourself, innovate

I Vote is a game designed to change the air! It allows the participants to express themselves about common issues, passing through Reaction (anger), Dream (joy) and Reality (action!). Based on listening and speaking, this game of collective and emotional intelligence allows one to confront ideas in a friendly, lively and creative way to make creative new innovative proposals.
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Improve your relationships with your own self and others

Game of Mutual Aid invites every participant to present a limiting situation, a personal " problem", and mobilizes the intelligence of the other ones to solve it. It develops team and creative spirit, each participant being alternately a "help-seeker" then " strong helper”. it establishes confidence, empathy, listening and self-respect.
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Game of Toltec Agreements, created from Don Miguel Ruiz's best-seller, improves interpersonal relationships through the very simple application of 5 "agreements". Each gamer enters into a process of change occurring in 3 steps: 1/Attention: identification of a negative limiting and complex relationship situation 2/Transformation: change of the relationship by the use of the 5 Toltec Agreements 3/Intention: expression of a new behavior in the relationship.
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Master your emotions

Through various examples from everyday, Conversations with God, the game (CWG), invites everyone, to identify his own negative feelings (stress, anxiety, anger, etc.) and transform them into positive feelings (joy, confidence, well-being, etc.). The Emotional control of feelings allows anyone to make good decisions to feel well, say what we think, make what we say and fulfill one's goals.

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Join a dynamic project

The game The 7 Spiritual Laws of the Success, designed from Deepak Chopra's best-seller, is a link between theory and practice to fulfill one's intentions of success, on professional and/or personal areas.

Based on the application of 7 powerful life principles, this game invites you to define clearly your intention of success, then it suggests you to pay attention to the most precious gift within: your potential.
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Horakles, the game of the Hero, is based on the vital life structure of the stories. In a playful way, it helps to clarify outlines of an individual or collective project (challenges, goals), identifyies the key steps of your fulfillment and visualizes yourself in a global vision. This game is a true springboard for action.

In individual way, it is perfectly adapted to situations of professional transition. As a team this is  an excellent tool for creativity and team cohesion, for it establishes a communal vision of the upstream project.
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