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Regularly, Marc Kucharz, author of the ludocoaching games, gives free on-line ludoconferencesso that everyone can "move forward" without moving ! The Ludoconferences are interactive and fun. They allow discovery of the keys to personal fulfillment contained in every game.

On monday, April 22nd, 2013 at 7 pm
Secret n?2 : Time is unpredictable or " a visible credit "

The present is a present
Discover the secret n?2 for a more blooming life 
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It is a paradox that we all face : life is "unpredictable" and invites us to live as if we were going to die tomorrow, but life is also "a visible credit ", a life expectancy of about 80 years or more. A short-lived and long life at the same time and to find a balance in our relationship with the passing of time.

In our hectic present day, we gain or waste time. Time is money... Maybe it is time to slow down, to come back to the precious present moment. It is true that in love, gaming and creativity, time does not exist. This ludoconference will offer to each participant the opportunity to question his own relationship with time and to discover, through the games, ways to tame and savor it better. 

" Everything is perfect here and now " Neale Donald Walsch

Past ludoconferences

On Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 5 pm
SECRET N?1: Let go-crisis or hassle crisis? Accepting the change to be happy 
The economic crisis which upsets rules of the game on all levels, particularly the existential one, confronts each of us with a dilemma: do we "let go" and consider the change as a growth opportunity or do we succumb to the "hassle crisis" and its consequences (stress, ill-being, disease?
It seems that there is no possible compromise... When everything changes, change yourself! The current context invites us to change our beliefs to accept change and deploy our full potential. This ludoconference will give to those interested the opportunity to play to experience letting go and stopping, finally to take the lead!  

" Every problem is a hidden opportunity " Dr Deepak Chopra



Very interesting! I knew nothing about all this but I am going to look for how to buy the games or the books. Thank you very much of the invitation. Good evening. Arlette

A very big thank you for this beautiful opening! Can't wait for the on-line trainings!!! Florence

A very interesting conference. thanks to Marc for his sharing and thanks to his team for its clarity and enthusiasm. I learnt interesting things and I leave with keys to especially manage better my relationships. Thank you. Emilie

This conference really tempted me to buy several of the evoked games, especially the Game of the toltec agreements which resounded a lot within me. I look forward to test it with my friends. Helene

It was very interesting, and even if I did not write nor spoke with you during the conference, I listened everything and took notes at home. Maryline


In each ludoconference, you can find
 many references to different ludocoaching games, including the newest !
TheToltec Agreements game from Don Miguel Ruiz's best-seller
The 7 laws of Spiritual success from Deepak Chopra's best-seller
Conversations with God, the game from Neale Donald Walsch's best-seller