Our custom trainings
For companies, public organizations, schools and universities. We suggest accompanying you in the changes with trainings to meet your specific issues : improving interpersonal relationships and favoring collaborative spirit, stimulating creativity of a team to innovate, managing the individual professional transitions, moving, etc.
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Our  playful games activities

During your events (seminars, forums, conventions, to establish a fun, participative and constructive atmosphere, we can also conduct games workshops for open groups.
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Our ludoconferences

Between the conference and the game workshop, you can order one of our playful and interactive ludoconferences on current issues for your own events (seminars, forums, conventions).
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Become a Ludocoach

If you want to learn the use of our games and become your own Ludocoach and help others to become a Ludocoach, training modules on the Internet (e-learning) will be available this summer!
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Training to Become a Games Creator 

To go further, we also offer vocational trainings, to create your own games, giving a second chance to your career and become a games creator.
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