Who are we?

Marc Kucharz
Games Creator and Founder of Ludocoaching

Games creator for more than 25 years, Marc Kucharz is the author of dozens of games of general interest, including: e-games, educational games, business games, well-being games, tv games...

In recent years, this inspired self-taught man created games adapted from psychology and personal fulfillment best-sellers. These games-books are helping people to evolve in these times of big change. They improve relationships, clarify one's goals, lighten the way. They are the basis of the ludocoaching: "becoming your own coach by the game and helping others to become too".

Marc Kucharz had the opportunity to work with the authors of best-sellers (Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz) and to train thousands of persons to use these games. He wants to continue to do so in multiple organizations and help everyone to live better in this current period of change.

To know more about Marc Kucharz as author:  www.marckucharz.com